Higher education

Today’s leaders face unprecedented and complex demands. They must negotiate a profoundly interconnected, interdependent and interactive world where the most basic ideas and assumptions about what it means to be a leader are being challenged.

Managers and leaders at all levels of an organisation contribute more and perform better when they have the skills, confidence and motivation to effectively manage people and lead teams.

Postgraduate programs

DeakinPrime provides management programs to employer-sponsored students. These are suitable for people in middle and executive management positions who have professional and management experience.

A postgraduate qualification significantly increases business knowledge and equips graduates with the latest ideas and trends in leadership and management.

The postgraduate programs incorporate Deakin’s flexible learning model using electronic conferencing, group-based project work and engagement with peers.

Students undertaking a postgraduate program are demonstrating their preparedness to invest in their career and make a valuable contribution to the workplace.

MBA programs

The Deakin MBA is one of the most highly regarded MBA programs on offer. It has been awarded a five-star rating from the Graduate Management Association of Austalia. The MBA integrates a case-based teaching approach with the reality of business and professional practice.

The program offers a range of specialisations that cover essential management and business subjects andgives students the flexibility to choose a field of interest to meet individual learning and development needs.

The suite of programs offered by DeakinPrime provides a pathway to an MBA. The MBA programs are:

  • M502Graduate Certificate of Corporate Management
  • M600Graduate Diploma of Management
  • M701Master of Business Administration.

MBA pathways chart

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    Tom McGuire - Director – Leighton University, Leighton Offshore