About DeakinPrime

DeakinPrime provides learning and development solutions that measurably enhance the performance of individuals and of the organisations they work in.

We recognise the increasing demands that contemporary professional life places on people in the workforce and we have created a range of solutions from established tertiary qualifications to innovative digital learning.

  • Our story

    DeakinPrime offers the best of both world’s, as a university-backed entity and a commercially oriented and responsive business. Our strategy has developed over 25 years as a high-quality provider of workforce development.

  • Corporate communications

    From governance and university education policies, to our corporate profile and brand video, see why organisations entrust us with developing their workforce.

  • Credentials

    DeakinPrime and Deakin University have been recognised through a number of awards for excellence in developing managers and leaders.

  • PrimeDigital

    The PrimeDigital Media Centre contains all of our corporate videos, client videos, podcasts and digital media.

  • Our people

    There are around 80 passionate employees at DeakinPrime, working together to provide comprehensive and effective corporate education and development initiatives for our clients.

  • Careers

    To help businesses who want to be the best, we need the best people working for us.

  • Deakin University

    Established as one of the new generation of Australian universities, Deakin combines a university’s traditional focus on excellent teaching and research with a desire to seek new ways of developing and delivering courses.

Latest video news

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What we stand for

Reshaping the boundaries of learning

DeakinPrime recognises the continually changing dynamics and nature of the work we do. We learn from our work to continually evolve and improve our offerings.

We will transform the learning experience by redesigning and broadening access to services delivered through the cloud in new, engaging and personalised ways.

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