• Financial services
    compliaNce training

    Providing a suite of flexible training products that meets all RG146 training requirements. 

  • Finally blended
    learning that works

    A holistic view of L&D that embraces informal, on-the-job learning.

  • Best of digital

    Embracing new and emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions that are helping define the future of digital learning.

  • Best of both

    DeakinPrime is a responsive, strategic and focussed organisation, backed by the resources and expertise of one of Australia’s leading universities.

  • Demystifying

    Think of one event that has had a significant impact on your learning. Where did this event happen? In classroom, a seminar or workshop?


Inspiring worldly ideas.

DeakinPrime helps change the world of a person, an organisation and its customers by delivering not just a service, but a culture of learning that encourages people to develop and improve.

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